As a response to 21st-century challenges, we came up with the idea of bringing light without heat: to accelerate the rapid adoption of sustainable energy in the face of climate change.


Thanks to a creative learning-based combination of digital and physical technology, we use the sun in a smart way: hence our name, SmartHelio, or Smart Sun in greek. 



Because it is a free and unlimited resource, available everywhere: we facilitate its access to everyone thanks to our smart solution.

We have the solution to many SDGs, now it's your turn to help us to spread it and thus, to contribute to a better society!


Shankaransh Srivastava
Business Developer

"I have lived near coal mines and thermal power plants, and I have seen its affect on  the environment. I want to save our environment! SmartHelio allows me to help intelligently implement solar energy."

Minh Truong
Hardware Developer

"As a student in microengineering at EPFL and a person sensitive to climate change, working for SmartHelio gives me the opportunity to put my skills in practice while making the world a better place."

Govinda Upadhyay
CEO & Founder

"I like to build things which can impact society and accelerate clean energy adoption. I want my children to have a greener future!"

Eduardo Sarquis
Machine Learning Developer

"Working with SmartHelio is facing a highly motivating challenge of solving practical problems with simple and effective solutions, with the help of a very engaged team."

Maxine Cronier
Marketing Manager

"I am willing to have a positive impact on the society. I believe that nothing is impossible as long as we are together."

Neeraj Dasila
Operations & Product Manager

"It's my motivation to use technology against climate change. As a team, we are collectively building models and setting examples for our future generations."

Frédéric de Goumoëns
Hardware Developer

"Working with renewable energy and helping developing countries is a real motivation for me. As the hardware developer of SmartHelio, I can apply what I learned during my studies in microengineering at EPFL."

Sourabh Maladharee
Product Engineer

"Ideas and Innovations drive the Society if they are meant to care of Mother Earth. Green is just a representation, SmartHelio is the Implementation."

"I believe in system change and SmartHelio is doing the same with its advance and affordable technology."

Naomi Savioz

EdTech Collider, Chemin de la Dent d'Oche 1b, Ecublens, Switzerland

+41 77 426 33 62


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